Siege war

It’s a massive 20 vs. 20 battle between Guilds.

In Guild Battle, all Guilds will be included in the matching process regardless of their Alliances.

You can earn more Rewards in Weekend Games than Weekday Games In Guild Battle, you choose one of the four Roles: Attack, Defense, Healer, and Support.

Levels and Stats of all characters that enter Guild Battle are adjusted to be the same.

Selecting the Defense Role ensures that you receive less damage from Catapults and become immune to knockdown.

Selecting the Attack Role increases the number of your Rolls by 1 and reduces the cooldown of skills.

You can constantly heal nearby allies and decrease the PvP DEF of enemies when you select the Healer Role.

Selecting the Support Role enables you to use Catapults and greatly increases the repair and destruction speed of various structures.

Various structures are stationed throughout the Guild Battle map.

Repair and utilize them in battle.

Destroy the opponent’s structures to neutralize their effects.