Kyle grew up brave and hot-headed under the wing of Kasimov after his father had sacrificed himself to save his son and comrades against the monsters.

One day, during the monster extermination, Kyle and a few comrades abruptly attacked the boss monster sooner than they should, getting themself in critical situation. Kasimov had to step in and help them out. However, there was suddenly a mysterious energy, which came out of the dead boss and started to swallow up the whole troop while they were celebrating the victory.

Kyle was the only one left alive. He blamed himself and spent every day finding out the Bloody Gates– A gate that brought those deadly monsters here–and also resolved to become a Talion to seek revenge for his comrade for the rest of his life.

He overwhelms enemies with his high DEF and HP, and wields a huge two-handed weapon that gives him a wide attack range.