Young Pell discovered an injured human in the forest, and she took him back to the village because she was too kind to leave him alone. However, he was later expelled from the village after he had recovered and asked for the Elementals’ help.

Pell trusted that human so much that she taught him how to enter the village and promised him to try to convince the others to help humans. Unfortunately, that human came back with a large group of humans fully armed, and burnt down the village.

Pell as well as other Elementals were captured in the laboratory and had to undergo harsh experiments that tortured many of them to death. Pell almost gave up when she accidentally entered another world and was given the Dragon’s Blood.

Her magic power skyrocketed at the moment she drank the Dragon’s Blood. she then went back to destroy the lab and vowed to take revenge on humankind and their organization Black Moon.

She wields a variety of magic that can strike enemies at any range and uses damage over time attacks to chip away at the morale of opponents.